What’s involved in an EAL Session?

An EAL session is a unique and personal experience. We will work with any learning goals and focus areas that you would like to explore; as well as anything else that may arise during a session.

Individual sessions will generally last anywhere between 60 – 90mins. 

Participants engage in hands-on learning that utilises the horse as a co-facilitator. Sessions can incorporate a variety of groundwork and general horsemanship activities such as grooming, leading and herd observation. 

The contact with the horses does depend on you and your level of comfort around them.

Horse-based sessions are suitable for everyone: children, adolescents and adults. No prior horse experience is necessary.

Please note that each and every session can be incredibly different and unique. What is experienced in an EAL session will be very different and personal for each and every client.

I can facilitate individual or group sessions that are specifically designed to support a wide range of learning goals. 

You don’t need any horse knowledge or experience in order to participate.

Please wear appropriate clothing to be walking around outside with the horses.

• Enclosed shoes
• Dress for the weather (sun protection, warm clothing, rain coat etc).

Please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your personal requirements so that I can provide you with further information.