How can EAL help you?

Being outdoors in the paddock allows for a natural connection between you and the horses. Calm and healthy horses can provide an emotional and sensory environment that contributes to peacefulness and the development of trust.

Relating with horses and accomplishing ‘tasks’ or activities with horses can encourage the development of skills and values that promote emotional health. EAL teaches us life lessons from horses and incorporates a unique educational approach. It will involve practical tools that you can take with you into your everyday life to assist with personal growth and development.

EAL sessions can focus on:
• Self-esteem
• Communication
• Self- awareness
• Confidence building
• Relationships
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Assertiveness
• Reduce anxiety
• Stress management
• Problem solving
• Trust
• Setting boundaries
• Help to overcome fears
• and much more....