Why horses?

Horses have supported people to grow personally, relationally and spiritually through the ages. This is not new, but the field of EAL is relatively new in Australia.

Horses are beautiful, intelligent, sensitive and strong animals. You can feel their presence and they can offer a non-judgemental response to people and an acceptance that is different and unique. 

Horses are a prey animal. Therefore are naturally present and need to be aware of their surroundings. They are also a herd animal and have their place in the herd and communicate via body expressions, energy and behaviours. They can pick up subtle changes in the horse / person / environment and experience, and then respond.

Horses are a highly perceptive species; they will react behaviourally to each individual differently. The horse’s response acts as feedback for the client and provides a rich opportunity for people to increase their self-awareness, choice and response.

Horses are a wonderful example for us to model, as they are 100% in the moment, physically, mentally and emotionally. By observing the horse, we can gain insight into our own lives and obtain knowledge about living in the moment and being present.