Programs / Sessions

Sessions can be specifically tailored for individuals, couples, families or small groups. Please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your personal requirements.   

EAL is suitable for everyone and you do not need to have horse experience in order to participate.


Equine Assisted Learning Session

This session will generally last anywhere between 60-90mins and is specifically designed to suit you, the horse and the moment. A session with me and my equine co-facilitators is a unique and personal experience. We will work with any learning goals or focus areas that you would like to explore; as well as anything else that may arise during a session.

The structure of the session will involve ample time with the horses either observing them as they interact within their herd, or one-on-one time undertaking general horsemanship activities (grooming, leading etc). This session is unique and individual to you and whatever you are working through on your life’s journey. 

Equine Assisted Learning Session for Children – up to 14 years of age

This session is shorter in duration to accommodate children and more affordable for families wanting their child to experience a unique form of learning. Relating with horses and accomplishing ‘tasks’ or activities with horses can encourage the development of skills and values that promote emotional health. 

EAL is a wonderful opportunity to get kids out of the classroom and into the outdoors to provide them with great resourcing and life skills. 

Horse Wisdom Program – Ideal for Teens
$480 for a 6 week session

This Equine Assisted Learning Program is conducted over 6 sessions and is suitable for individuals or small groups. This is a social and emotional learning program that covers the following key topics each week:

• Mindfulness
• Boundaries
• Feelings
• Thinking
• Relationships
• Facing Life’s Challenges

This is an ideal program for young people trying to navigate life!

Group sessions – please contact me so that we can discuss your requirements

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